Buying Process

The Buying Process


A. Phase 1 (Initial Review)

  • Review Business Outline
  • Provide qualifying information (operational & investment experience, resources)
  • Sign Confidentiality Agreement / Non Disclosure Agreement

B. Phase 2 (In-Depth Analysis)

  • Review Confidential Memorandum / Prospectus
  • Consult with own CA / attorney for value determination (if applicable)
  • Perform local industry analysis / comparison
  • Confirm Asking Price & Terms with personal investment objectives

C. Phase 3 (Buyer Offer)

  • Draft non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Meet with business owner offsite, discuss business operations, personal introduction
  • Visit business location during off-hours
  • Negotiation and acceptance of LOI

D. Phase 4 (Due Diligence)

  • Prepare due diligence with buyer questions
  • Obtain financing ( we can assist )
  • Set closing date for final transfer
  • Sign off on LOI

E. Phase 5 (Legal / Accounting)

  • Legal Counsel prepares the Definitive Purchase Agreement
  • Closing

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